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How are App Reviews, Ratings & Downloads Beneficial?

To put it simply:

  • Applications rated below 3.5 stars rarely rise to the TOP
  • A better rating brings more purchases and installs
  • The rating is the first thing people pay attention to
  • When choosing an app, potential users are more likely to install an application with the best rating
  • People usually read reviews before buying an app
  • In 85 percent of cases people read reviews before installing an application
  • The app rating is an obvious indicator of the users’ attitude to your app and your company in general
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Global Reach

Note that every country has its own application store, ratings and reviews. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to every country where you are being promoted.

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Ratings and reviews

  • Guaranteed publication of reviews
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Fix your rating

  • Raise your rating to a specified level
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