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We provide comprehensive app review monitoring and analysis for iOS, Mac, Google Play, Amazon, Windows Mobile & Windows PC Stores in all countries.

Better roadmap decisions

See exactly what users want.

Faster bug fixes

Fewer bad app reviews and ratings.

Answer instantly

Turn 1-star reviews into 5 stars.

Answering Questions in Order to Make the Right Decisions

Track iOS, Google Play and more, worldwide

ReviewApp monitors app reviews in iOS, Mac OS, Google Play, Amazon, Windows Mobile & Windows PC Stores in all countries, and aggregates app store reviews into a single report. The report is structured in such a way as to give clear answers to your questions. Automatically track your own and competitors apps on different platforms and in different markets.

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Find trends in minutes, not days

ReviewApp reads every app store review so that you don’t have to. We automatically analyze sentiment and surface trends in what users are saying about your apps, so you can focus your time on the things that matter most to your users.

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Support outsourcing

As you know, the possibility of replying to user reviews has been available on Google Play for a long time, and has appeared recently in the AppStore. It’s really important to do so if you want to build a trust relationship with your users. Where the company does not have the resources for that, we come in. We make up a shared knowledge base and our experts work together with the audience on your behalf.

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Trust Review Analytics to ReviewApp

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